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Rules and Regulations

Download the Rules & Regulations for the Regency Plaza Condominium.

Regency Plaza Condominium Association, Inc.
House Rules and Regulations
Revised and Re-Adopted February 22, 2016

1.0    Intent

This is our home, not a hotel. Common courtesies are the rule here.

These rules and regulations are designed to make living in the Regency Plaza pleasant and comfortable. In living together, each of us have obligations to others as well as individual rights - and we must be careful that the restrictions we impose on ourselves are reasonable, mutually beneficial and enforceable.

The Board of Directors of the Association reserves the right to make additional Rules and Regulations as may be required from time to time. These additional Rules and Regulations shall be binding as all other Rules and Regulations previously adopted and to stay in compliance with our governing documents, declaration, and by-laws.

2.0    Obligations

A.    General Obligations

Unit owners, lessees and guests must comply with condominium documents, these house rules and regulations, and applicable laws and ordinances. It is each owner’s responsibility to assure that their lessees and guests are fully apprised of same. It is every owners responsibility that witnesses a violation of these rules and regulations to bring such violation to the immediate attention of the owner, lessee or guest. Serious violations will be reported to the management. When management cannot be reached after hours, weekends or holidays, then a member of the board of directors shall be notified to handle the serious violations.

Recreational and common area facilities are for the sole use of owners in residence, tenants, or registered guests. Rights for use of Regency facilities are transferred entirely to renters during rental periods. No owner or tenant shall authorize any person to use any recreational facility unless accompanied by such owner or tenant. Organized exercise classes shall be restricted to residents and registered guests.

Unit Owners are responsible for any damages to the Common Elements or Limited Common Elements caused by themselves, their family, guests, invitees, servants, lessees, and persons who are on the Condominium Property because of such Unit Owner.

No owner, lessee or guest is authorized to direct or supervise the work or to reprimand any employee of the building or any tradesman working under the direction of the Manager. Any criticism of a building employee’s or building contractor’s work or conduct should be reported to the Manager or President of the Board.

According to Florida Statue 718.303 (3a) “An association may suspend, for a reasonable period of time, the right of a unit owner, or a unit owner’s tenant, guest, or invitee, to use the common elements, common facilities, or any association property failure to comply with any provision of the declaration, the association bylaws, or reasonable rules of the association”.

B.    Changes and Modifications to Owners Units

No owner, resident, or lessee shall install wiring for electrical or telephone installations nor shall he install any type of television antennas, machine or air conditioning units, etc. on the exterior of the project or that protrude through the walls or the roof except as authorized by a majority of the Board of Directors.

No alterations or improvements of any nature, including painting of Common Elements or Limited Common Elements, shall be made without prior written approval of the Association.

Owners are required to protect and maintain the structural integrity of the building and are responsible for any harm to the building caused by any change or modification of their unit. Structural integrity shall include the structural strength of the building, water tightness of the exterior, proper operation of all utilities, and proper operation of all safety systems.

No owner shall make changes or modifications to a unit that results in harm to the structural integrity.

Simple changes within a unit such as hanging pictures, drapes and blinds are generally minor and should not affect the structural integrity of the building.

Changes to walls that are entirely within a unit should not harm the structural integrity of the building providing the changes to not include modifications to concrete columns, utilities or safety systems within the walls that may affect other units.

Changes within a unit that may reduce the structural strength of a column or beam, and changes that may affect the integrity of utilities and safety systems are prohibited.

A unit owner planning to make any major modification to a unit is advised to discuss the proposed changes with the Manager as well as seek professional help.

3.0    Use of Common Elements

A.    General Rules

Hours for facilities in the lower lobby common areas are 9 AM to 10 PM; Swimming Pool hours are 8 AM to 10 PM daily and will be enforced unless other arrangements are made with the Manager.

Owners, guests, lessees and their families, including children, shall be properly attired at all times when within secure door common areas. Proper attire shall consist of a covering of the upper part of the body in addition to swimwear. A towel does not constitute proper attire.

Footwear must be worn at all times.

Employees of the Association shall not be sent out of the building by any Unit Owner at any time for any purpose. No Unit Owner or resident shall direct, supervise or in any manner attempt to assert any control over the employees of the Association.

Food or drink is only allowed in specifically designated areas.

Hallways, stairways, walkways and other common areas must be kept clear of personal items, with the exception of reasonably sized door decorations. All items not authorized by the Board of Directors placed in hallways and common areas will be removed by management so that walkways and hallways will be cleared. Fire/stair and trash chute doors must be kept closed at all times.

No wind chime or any device that will emit sound while unattended shall be placed on balcony or Common Area.

The use of kites, skates, skateboards, scooters, balls, frisbees and other similar items are strictly prohibited anywhere on the premises.

Playing in the halls and elevators is prohibited.

Running or roughhousing will not be permitted in the Pool or Pool areas or any common area.

Children under (10) ten years of age are not permitted on elevators or other Common Areas unless accompanied by an adult. Such adult shall be over the age of (18) eighteen.

Claims for personal injury and damage are the responsibility of individual unit owners and not the Condominium Association or Management.

Smoking is prohibited by Florida Statute in All Common Areas.

Vulgar language in any common area is not allowed.

Only use "Door Open" Button to hold elevator door open.

All outside doors to the building shall be locked at all times. Any time this door or any door is observed to be blocked or tied open, and no responsible person is in sight, the door should be closed.

For security reasons, it is important that anyone trying to enter the building without a key not be permitted access by holding entrance door open.

“Lights Out” for turtle nesting season is from May 1st to October 31st each year. Each resident must follow the law as outlined by the County of Volusia. The notice is posted in both elevators as well as the lower lobby association directory. Any lights that are observed in a unit by the “turtle patrol” may result in a fine to the unit owner.

Between the hours of 9:00 PM and 8:30AM residents will refrain from noisy activities such as pounding, sawing, scraping, or other sounds that will disturb other units.

It is prohibited to dust garments, rugs, etc. from the windows or balconies or to clean rugs, etc. by beating on the exterior of the project.

No resident of the property shall display any sign, advertisement or notice of any type on the Common Elements, Limited Common Areas, or his Unit and shall erect no exterior antennas and aerials except as provided under uniform regulations promulgated by the corporation.

No resident of the project shall post any advertisements, or posters of any kind on the project except as authorized by a majority of the Board or Directors.

No climbing on or walking on fences or walls of Regency property.

B.    Game Room, Library, Social Room, Sauna, & Exercise Rooms

The Game Room, Library, Social Room, Sauna and Exercise Rooms are open from 9 AM to 10 PM daily unless special reservations are made with the office.

All rooms must be left clean and orderly after use.

The Social Room and Library may not be used for meetings of organized Political associations or organized religious associations, small or large. The Common Areas cannot be reserved for recurring type activities except for events open to all residents of the Regency Plaza.

No owner, renter, or guest can charge a fee to anyone for the use of Regency Common Area property including but not limited to the following: personal trainers, exercise classes, TV or internet use.

Instructional, educational or informational recurring classes which are open to non-Regency Plaza owners or renters are not allowed.

Only unit owners and lessees may reserve the Social Room for personal functions.

The pool, Library, Sauna and exercise rooms cannot be reserved for private parties, and are not available for use by attendees of functions in the social room. No food or drinks are allowed in the Game Room or Library at any time.

If the Social Room is reserved by a lessee, the owner shall be notified and approve the reservation. This reservation requires a $250.00 deposit and the completion of “Request for the Private Use of the Recreation Rooms” form and must be given to the Manager who will record the date and time on their calendar.

Any damages above $250.00 deposit shall be the responsibility of the owner. If no damages are done to the Regency property, the $250.00 deposit will be returned to the owner/lessee after deducting any expense for any loss, damage or extra expense, including legal expenses or other costs not covered by the Regency’s insurance.

The Regency Plaza reserves the Social Room on various occasions, including but not limited to Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve and Super Bowl Sunday. These rooms would be available for use by owners if the Regency Plaza relinquishes its option to use this room on any of these dates.

The sponsor of gatherings (lessee or owner) is responsible for admitting guests to the building without any decrease in building security and assuring that guests do not stray to other areas of the building.

All guests must abide by condominium rules.

A 100-person limit applies for such use.

The private party must be under the supervision of an Owner or Lessee who will be present for the duration of the party, and the owner or lessee will not leave the affair until all attendees have left.

Saunas are designed for dry heat and water must not be used. Towels must be used on the seats of the saunas.

Children under the age of sixteen (16) may not use the pool table, tennis tables, saunas or exercise equipment unless accompanied by a registered adult guest owner or lessee. Such adult shall be over the age of eighteen (18).

C.    Swimming Pool and Sun Deck

No lifeguard is on duty.

Use pool at own risk.

Running or roughhousing will not be permitted in the Pool or Pool areas.

Pool areas can be wet and slippery, the Regency Plaza will be held faultless for any injury in this area.

Per Volusia County regulations, the pool capacity will be limited to sixteen (16) persons. Out of consideration, limit the number of people in the pool from your unit to six (6) including yourself.

Pool use is limited to Regency owners, renters, and guests.

Pool hours are from 8 AM to 10 PM daily.

Children sixteen (16) years of age and under must be accompanied and supervised by an adult owner or lessee. Such adult shall be over the age of eighteen (18).

Persons with contagious or infectious health conditions or open bandaged wounds should not use the pool while such conditions are communicable.

No children or adult diapers in the pool; swim diapers only.

Children not toilet trained must wear approved waterproof pants over diapers. Disposable diapers are not allowed.

Access to the pool area requires a building entry key and all persons accessing `the pool area must have authorized use of a key.

Gates to access the pool must remain locked.

All food and beverages must be consumed at tables, and all beverages must be in non-breakable containers.

Glass of any kind is strictly prohibited. Unit owners and or guests/renters will be responsible for any expenses incurred for draining and refilling pool.

Cutoffs/jeans shorts are prohibited as bathing attire in the pool.

Vulgar language should not be used in the pool area.

Boogie boards, floats, rafts and floating equipment are not permitted in the pool.

Exercise noodles and children's water wings or equivalent are permitted.

Beach bathers and walkers must remove tar and sand from shoes and skin before entering the pool or building. Facilities for this purpose are located at the beach entrance.

Bathers must towel dry and use cover ups and footwear before entering the building. A towel does not constitute a cover up.

There shall be no saving of tables or lounge chairs. Any items left on lounge chairs or pool deck with resident not being present shall be removed and taken to the office.

The Regency Plaza is not responsible for items left unattended in the pool area.

Lounge chairs must be kept on the sun deck and straight chairs on the pool deck to avoid congestion around the pool.

Pool chairs must not block walkways around the pool or must not be placed at the edge of the pool.

When using electrical devices, keep the sound to your personal space as to not disturb others.

Showering is required prior to entering or re-entering the pool.

Close and tie umbrellas after use, lean chairs against tables, and clean area of food and trash.

D.    Garage and Parking Areas

When the unit is leased, the owner has automatically transferred their rights to use common area facilities.

Each condominium unit has an assigned parking space.

Use of a parking space assigned to another unit is only permitted if written authorization is filed with the Manager.

Violations should be reported to the office if violation occurs during business hours.

The Regency Plaza is authorized to have vehicles of repeat violators towed at the violator’s expense.

After hours, weekends and holidays, any member of the Board of Directors shall have authority to authorize any repeat violator’s vehicle to be towed from the property.

The speed limit is five (5) miles per hour in the garage and parking deck.

No trailer, camper, recreation vehicle, commercial vehicle, boat or inoperative automobile shall be permitted on the Regency Plaza premises except for valid contractor/repair vehicles.

Vehicles parked in the designated parking spaces must be within the lines defining those spaces.

Only motor vehicles and bicycles may be stored in the garage area. Any other items may be removed and discarded by the Manager. Combustible materials are prohibited.

Only emergency car repairs are permitted on the premises.

No vehicle shall occupy more than one parking space.

All vehicles shall be registered and have a current valid tag. Vehicles not in compliance are subject to be towed at the owner's expense.

E.    Car Washing

A car wash area is provided near the East End of the south wall on the lower level. This area is not a parking space and any vehicle parked there shall be subject to towing at owner's expense. Car washing is regulated by Volusia County. Water restrictions can change at any time without notice.

4.0    Use Regulations

A.    Occupant and Owner Registration

Units and recreational facilities are for the residential use of either owners, their lessees and their guests.

When the unit is leased, the owner has automatically transferred their rights to use common area facilities.

It is imperative in the event of an emergency (illness, accident, death, etc.) for the office to have certain information about each owner. If the information changes at any time, please provide the Manager updated information as soon as possible. The office will provide a form for this information. This information shall be updated every January.

For security reasons, for your own protection, and for emergencies, overnight guests, non-resident owners and/or lessees occupying a condominium unit must be registered at the office by an owner or lessee. Office hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday - Friday. Forms are provided and available at the office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Occupancy by others while the owner or lessee is absent requires formal submission of an Occupancy Approval Form. Sub-leasing is not permitted. When owner or lessee plans on being absent for more than one week the manager is to be notified.

Employees of individual owners or lessees whether full or part-time, must be able to show identification to the Manager. They are not allowed to have a security key to the building and are not allowed use of the recreational facilities. All contractors for owners or lessees are required to sign the register located at the main floor lobby office. Registration must include date, company name, number of workers, purpose of visit, time of arrival and departure.

Unit owners are financially responsible for the expenses of any damages caused by their guests or lessees, which may be incurred by the Association in repairing or replacing Common Elements so damaged.

Persons not meeting these registration requirements will be considered trespassers and subject to all Florida laws.

B.    Safety and Security

The Florida Condominium Law states that the Condominium management has the irrevocable right to have access to each unit as may be necessary for maintenance, repair or replacement of any common element therein, or for making repairs under emergency conditions. Therefore, whenever lock tumblers are changed or new locks are added to individual unit access doors, a duplicate key must be furnished to the Manager. If a key has not been provided and emergency conditions require forced entry, repairs will be at the owner’s expense.

The building and common areas are under video surveillance at all times.

Unit doors to hallway must never be left open for any reason. During occupant’s absence, all doors must be locked; in addition, it is recommended the owners unit door from the common area hall be locked at all times.

No propane gas may be used inside a unit. Outdoor cooking of any kind is prohibited on the premises, including balconies and Common Areas, with the exception of the Regency Plaza Bar-B-Que Grill.

C.    Overall Considerations

Per the Declaration, every owner of an interest in one of the units shall not use or permit the use of his Unit for any purpose other than as a single family residence and maintain his Unit in a clean and sanitary manner. Nothing in this clause shall be construed to prohibit the leasing of any Unit, except for the purposes aforesaid, said leasing, however, shall be limited to a term of not less than two months.

Being that balconies are “limited common areas”, nuisances such as disturbing noises, inappropriate behavior or any action that limits the enjoyment of other unit owners on their balconies are not allowed.

No objects shall be hung from balcony railing. Be conscious of items on balconies that can become wind hazards. Nothing shall be thrown off a balcony for any reason.

No items shall be hung from the outside of the window or the window itself.

No person shall be permitted, directly or indirectly, to solicit the sale of services, goods or wares.

The number of persons permitted to occupy any unit overnight shall be consistent with any and all applicable laws and ordinances, and with reasonable standards of health, safety and the general character of the building. In view of this, the maximum number of people allowed to occupy a unit overnight on a regular basis is as follows:

  • 1 Bedroom units - 4 persons
  • 2 Bedroom units - 6 persons
  • 3 Bedroom units - 8 persons

The Manager or other building employees are not permitted to perform non-emergency personal services for residents during regular work hours. The Manager will be extending every courtesy as is shown to every owner while functioning on behalf of the Regency Plaza Condominium.

D.    Storage

Individual storage cages are provided for each unit.

Insurance and fire regulations require that no volatile liquids, paint thinner, oil based paints and lacquers be placed in the cages. These materials will be removed without notice to the owner, as required by the State Fire Regulations. Storage of propane gas tanks in storage cages is forbidden. Nothing is to be stored in the aisles.

E.    Grocery Carts

Grocery carts are located in the closet on the lower lobby for your convenience. All carts must be returned promptly after each use to the original location.

No pets are allowed in grocery carts due to sanitary reasons.

F.    Laundry Room

The laundry room hours are from 8AM-9PM.

Machines are to be used by residents only. Dyestuffs and high sudsing detergents are never to be used in the machines and heavy articles such as rugs may not be washed in the laundry room.

Please leave the machines clean and free of lint and leave washer and dryer doors open when finished using them.

When leaving the room make certain the lights are out and the door is firmly closed. Secure all bleach and detergent containers before taking them into the hallways to prevent spillage and discoloration of hall carpets.

Fire Department regulations require that laundry room door and windows be kept closed at all times.

Report all machine breakdowns to the Manager as soon as possible.

G.    Waste Disposal

All trash must be wrapped in plastic bags and tied.

Large dry non-garbage items, such as coat hangers, boxes, etc. must be taken to the trash contained in the garage area.

Kitty Litter must be put in plastic bags and hand carried to the dumpsters outside the lower level parking garage.

Do not place any flammable material such as paint, varnish, etc. in the trash chute or the trash container. Individuals needing assistance in disposing of these items may contact the Manager.

Unit owners are responsible for the disposal of used appliances, carpeting, furniture and construction waste and these must not be put in dumpsters.

H.    Pets

Only owners and lessees are permitted to have a pet up to 20 pounds maximum.

Only two (2) pets per unit are allowed, and are restricted to cats, dogs or birds. Extreme diligence is imperative on the part of the owners and lessees to insure that their pet is not a nuisance to others. At no time are pets allowed on the floor of any the Common Area including but not limited to elevators, hallways and parking lot, or lobby. Pets are not permitted in grocery carts.

Every pet in the house must be registered with the Manager showing evidence of rabies shots.

Pets must be transported in all common areas.

Pets are not permitted to pass through east beach building exit door or in the pool area.

I.    Moving and Deliveries

Moving in/out is allowed between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, only through the lower level garage area.

Moving arrangements must be made in advance with the Manager to prevent congestion and inconvenience. In general, moving in or out should only be done during designated office hours, except when scheduled with Management.

All furniture and bulky items must be delivered at the lower garage level. The owner or lessee takes sole responsibility for all deliveries of furniture, household articles, etc. and under no circumstances will the Management accept them.

C.O.D. deliveries can be accepted by the Manager only if full payment is provided in advance.

When transporting bikes, strollers and other wheeled items through the MAIN LOBBY or carpeted hallways, wheels must be cleaned before entering building. If any damage is done to the floor or carpets by such wheeled items, the owner will be responsible for damages.

J.    Service, Repair, and Maintenance

All interior repair and maintenance in an apartment are the responsibility of the owner.

The owner will be billed for work undertaken by the management under an emergency condition in the owner’s area of responsibility, which must be done, in the owner’s absence.

Owners must arrange directly with repairmen and outside people for inside apartment requirement and for payment of service personnel. Service people and delivery personnel must report to management on duty.

Management is not permitted to admit anyone to an owner or lessee’s apartment without written consent of the owner, except under emergency conditions or for pest control.

Except in cases of emergency, repairmen and outside service people must limit their hours from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM on weekdays and from 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon on Saturdays. Service calls and deliveries are not permitted on Sundays except in cases of emergency

Contractor/Vendor Guidelines for Work at the Regency Plaza Condominium

  1. Always sign in and out at the office on the first floor using the appropriate sign in book.
  2. Always be respectful of everyone with whom you come in contact with while working at the Regency. This is their home and they own the premises.
  3. Always avoid leaving any trash or debris in the corridors, stairwells, elevators, or parking deck. Remove it immediately. Please protect our NEW carpets.
  4. Always remove your own debris. Do not put ANYTHING in our dumpsters.
  5. Always avoid damaging the walls in the corridors, elevators, and parking decks.
  6. Always enter/exit and transport your materials and items through the lower level entrance.
  7. Do not hold the elevator doors open longer than necessary for loading or unloading of materials or items.
  8. Do NOT dispose of anything by pouring it down the outside or inside drains.
  9. Working hours are Monday-Friday 8:30a.m to 5:00p.m., Saturday 9:00a.m-12 noon, or unless written approval is received in advance from the Regency.
  10. Vehicles are to be parked in the lower level parking area outside the south side cement wall or in the small parking black top area on A1A on the west side of the building unless otherwise approved by the Regency.
  11. Always provide your own carts for your equipment transport. The grocery carts are for the use of our owners.

5.0    Selling of a Unit - A completed Form is Required

The listing of a unit for sale may be posted in the Director’s Cabinet. The unit number, number of bedrooms and one telephone number are the only items allowed on this listing.

To maintain a congenial residential community and preserve the value and security of the property, a unit owner desiring to sell his unit will:

Notify management immediately. Owner will be given a full set of instructions outlining association’s required procedures.

Not allow an “Open House”

Not issue a main entrance door key to any real estate agent Inform the real estate agent that entrance to the building in the absence of the owner can be obtained by calling the Manager


Owners must comply with the procedures specified under “SALE OF UNITS” in the “Declaration for the Regency Plaza Condominium” documents and must limit the showing of units only in the presence of owner and/or their personal representative.

6.0    Leasing of a Unit

Owners must comply with the procedures specified in the “Declaration for the Regency Plaza Condominium” document for leasing of units, i.e.

  1. Short term leases no less than two months
  2. Leasing by individual contract from owner stating date of arrival and date of departure.
  3. Owner is required to provide the name and address of an intended Lessee along with other information as may be reasonably required by the Association
  4. Copy of the Lease or Rental Agreement which will remain in management’s office file
  5. When the unit is leased, the owner has automatically transferred their rights to use common area facilities.
  6. Regency Plaza Condominium Association, Inc. will maintain a website that will have information containing the Rules and Regulations, rental information provided by the owner, and other information pertaining to RPCA.
  7. Each owner or lessee must be given a full copy of the Regency Plaza House Rules & Regulations and By-Laws.

7.0    Security Keys-Standing Policy

Regency Plaza Condominium is the permanent or part-time home of our unit owners. The only way we can assure reasonable security and care of our premises is to know who has access to our building. The Manager and the Board of Directors have worked harmoniously together in order to improve the quality of living at the Regency. Following a “Standard Policy” in this matter will enable each of us to know what is expected of us as owners. A Security Key is your entrance to:

  1. Main Lobby Entrance Door
  2. Lower Lobby
  3. Beach
  4. Pool
  5. Exercise Room
  6. Game Room
  7. Library
  8. Social Room
  1. A permanent record of numbered security keys will be kept in the Management office. Unit owners will be responsible for each key registered in his or her name, regardless of use; i.e., overnight visitors, short-term or long-term lease occupants.
  2. Each additional key must be requested through the Regency Plaza Manager, in return for a $50 fee. Fee will not be returned until after two months from the date the key is issued.
  3. The $50 fee paid for each additional registered key will be returned to the unit owner within two weeks of returning the key.
  4. Returned “additional” keys will be retained in the Regency Plaza Manager’s Office so that the Manager can honor future key requests.
  5. Unit Owners are responsible for retrieving security keys from lessee’s when lease expires.
  6. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should a security key be loaned or given to a Real Estate Agent or service personnel permitting unregistered access to the building.

The Board and Management of the Regency Plaza request owners to notify the office at least 48 hours in advance in writing on the “Unit Rental Guest Registration Form” when a guest or renter are due in. The register is accessible at all times.

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